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Lock manage assistant manual-Xeeder Technology Co.,Limited
Lock manage assistant manual
Time:Sep 5,2009


LA139 is newly handheld device for xeeder hotel lock product which desighed with many customers ideas.It is the advanced and replace model of LA138.

LA139 offers powerful functions for housekeeping.

*Adjust lock's clock
When the hotel lock runs at a wrong clock, it brings trouble for guest because  their cards may not unlock the door when the check out date is not reach yet. Housekeeping could adjust locks clock quickly by LMA

*Verify cards
All cards comes from Xeeder Hotel Lock System could be read on LMA to        preview what card is it and the related room/floors/buildings. This is very useful verify card way beside the   computer

*Collect lock events
The large memory allows LA139 collect 10 doors(800X10)events at one time without needing computer.     Housekeeping could easily complete 1 floors all doors checking.

The smaller and mini dimension at 163x75x25mm and 162g(not include battery) offers high protable            performance



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