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     Electronic lock
Xeeder RFID Electronic lock is a card lock which use a proximity technology.
It works by reading RFID card in contactless way.Electronic lock is different with it.
It works by insert a IC(integrated circuit) card.It is SLE4442 IC card.
In future we will show a networked electronic keypad lock system which could feedback room info instantly, receptionist have enough right could control every doors status. This system will be in a wire or wireless connecting style for all doors.We believe it will satisfy hotel users furthest.
 The product navigate: Hotel lockDoor lockElectronic lockRFID electronic lockcard lock card lock
L9205-M1 hotel lock

Deluxe hotel door lock


L7108-M1 hotel lock
Good quality hotel lock

L5102-M1 hotel lock

New designed reader window brings new feeling.


L8202-M1 hotel lock
deluxe lock

L8102-M1 hotel lock

Extreme deluxe hotel door lock


L9105-M1 hotel lock

The deluxe smart card lock for the 5 star hotels/motels


Elevator Controller

Block the people who intend to go to the floors that not inclueds his room.


L9203-M1 hotel lock
The deluxe smart card lock for 5 star hotels

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